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We create the best digital envirement to grow your business

Dimark Group

An integral solution. A committed team. A clear objective:to grow your business.

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What do we do?

DIMARK Group seeks the growth of each of its clients, with creations or developments that enhance the positioning and growth of companies in the digital world.


Custom development

We create campaigns, applications, designs, websites or personalized strategies 100% tailored and functional.

Campaign design advertising

We manage strategies and execute them in the digital world, using innovative tools that optimize and illustrate our customers in the digital world.

Custom development

Together we will be able to grow your community in social networks, where we will be able to transmit what your brand reflects and what your followers want.

Our values
Personalized attention

The kindness and dedication to your business is a guaranteed obligation that you will always find in each of our services.

Positivity and dreamers

You will always find in our organization an insatiable desire to give the best face and always achieve the best; where we guarantee to create and develop different services.

Constant research

Our company focuses much of its time on researching the digital environment, its trends and business methods; always seeking to improve the company and its customers.

Global intercommunication

DIMARK Group seeks in its day to day to be able to create services that are functional anywhere in the world, where the barriers will disappear and we will all remain interconnected.

Our services


Get more than 5000
followers each month

Our platform can help you to increase your real followers en Instagram,

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  • Save time Programa tu actividad del mes en unas horas. Es fácil, rápido y funcional.

  • DIRECTS INTERACTIONS SERVICES Directs auto-response, broadcast message, welcome message

  • GET FOLLOWERS Increase real followers on Instagram

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  • We create your GIF or FILTER We have an expert team that can create animate content for Instagram

  • We validate the animation We do all requirements and needs to validate the animations on Instagram, you will find your GIF or FILTER with your name.

  • Available for everybody After the validate process, you will enjoy the GIF or FILTERS searching in the Instagram stories your name or your company name.

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Desarrollo a la medida

Design and web development platforms or mobile applications tailored to your requirements. We have an experts in development and design that will be able to achieve the execution of your idea in detail. Guaranteeing you the best quality and professionalism in our work.

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Manejo de redes sociales

We comunicate to your followers the content that they want to see, we really are one more partner of the company that always seeks to grow the community of followers on social networks with different strategies, campaigns and valuable content.

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Search engine optimizacion

After an intensive analysis of your digital resources, the usability and navigation of your page; We proceed to do a perfect job to position your website in the top positions on GOOGLE. We carry out advanced technical work in SEO and elaboration of relevant content to increase traffic and visibility of the site.

If you don't exist on the first page of search engines, you don't exist on the Internet. 90% of users do not search on the second page.

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Website designs

Our expert website creation service guarantees the union of skills between marketing, design, web development and user experience.

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Email marketing

Specialized service in communication strategies, prospect closing, brand recognition or promotions by sending mailings to the database customer.

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Manage ads campaigns

We provide you an expert service in the management of advertising campaigns in the Google Ads and Facebook Ads tools, where we will achieve.

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Tracking and user behavior on websites

With this service, we use tools that allow us to perform heat maps, analysis of user behavior at the time of use your website, recording users browsing your site, among other activities. After collecting this information, we give you a series of sales optimization strategies or campaigns to carry out on your website.

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We are what are you looking for!

Our development consist on taking the companies to further levels.
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