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Today the web is built in the HTML language, there are many systems that create pages and websites faster and easier to manage. But what is a web page? What is a website? So that you have no doubts about this, we are going to define them first:

1. What is a web page?

1.- A web page: It is nothing more than a document written with a framing language like HTML that can contain more things (behind), like CSS/Javascript/IMAGES/TEXT/LINKS/ETC.

2. What is a website?

2.- A website: It is where everything that your company contains is structured, in a domain that allows access to its different tabs (screens). For example  DIMARK.CO  where we could access its different links courses , resource , blog contact, (all these links are pages), but structured in the same domain and all this makes up a website all working together.

A website can also be web applications. The Websites allow us to inform about the company in question for which it is being created, and can also do marketing with this. That is why these sites could be replaced and made with WordPress, depending on what the objective is.


It is one of the most popular website creation systems, it is a CMS that allows the creation of static (only code) and dynamic (Database etc) sites. making it easier, without the need to acquire all the knowledge that a Web Developer would have (HTML, CSS, JS).

These tools like WordPress are mostly used by marketing professionals. Thus pointing to a sales strategy or to attract more customers. These pages or websites do not require knowledge of codes, libraries or databases.

Sites built like Netflix, Facebook, Notion, twitter, instagram etc, are built on programming languages and framed from a technical point of view, these sites cannot be made with WordPress (This is where the whole comparison issue of whether or not to build a website with HTML or use a CMS comes in) or with any other tool that allows its creation without using code. Since, these require something custom (these are the business itself) for example, (Facebook, instagram, Netflix, spotify etc) For these we would need more things, like libraries, frameworks, these sites are built by web developers themselves.

Depending on what you want to achieve in the project that is being carried out, a CMS like WordPress can be used or not; Usually, businesses start by creating a site with WordPress, then with their rise they scale this until they build them with programming languages and hire a web developer.

HTML AND WORDPRESS they are two different things, neither is better than the other, you just have to take into account the needs of the company or the client itself.  In summary:

1) WordPress sites are built for a marketing strategy.

2) While a web application is a software created with web technologies where HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, FRAMEWORK, LIBRARIES, DATABASES ETC are used. They are not a site just to consume information.

3) HTML requires advanced knowledge of web development.

4) WordPress It is a content management system (CMS) allowing a friendlier user interface without requiring extensive knowledge such as that of a web developer. WordPress has a web presence percentage of a 40%.

Probably a user who enters a website does not realize what it is built on if WordPress or just code with HTML, because the difference itself is not very noticeable, the big difference lies in the way they are managed in a faster way, simple and easy.

In conclusion, it is not always a question of which is better than another, the needs of the user must be taken into account. Whenever you want to create a site, first evaluate the needs of the client, remember that building a site with WordPress will not be the same as creating it with a Web developer, always evaluate its cost, its maintenance and the ease of changing the content.

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