Landing page vs. Web page

When a company or venture goes public, the most recurring advice is that it should appear on the internet as soon as possible, because this is synonymous with legitimacy and trust in front of potential customers and, at the same time, it is an essential opportunity to make yourself known. and doing business in today's world

Of course, it is excellent advice that everyone should follow, but the most important thing is to reflect on what you want so that the investment made is as productive as possible and the expected results are obtained.

In this sea of digital marketing terms we find ourselves before the decision to opt for a Landing page or a web page. Let's start by defining terms:

Web page

It is the equivalent of the business card of your company or venture. It is a virtual space that contains all the information that a person or company and there are several types with different objectives:

  • Web page business: aims to provide information about the company, what it does, its brands and products, and contact information.
  • eCommerce website: Your goal is to sell products or services online through payment platforms.
  • portfolio page: This shows the skills and experience of a professional. Examples of previous work projects, education, and other relevant information are often included.
  • Blog or personal website: Its objective is to publicize ideas, opinions and information of a person.
  • eLearning website: bases its objective on providing interactive courses and educational material through subscription.

Generally, companies start with a web page, where visitors can navigate through the different sections and most of their visitors arrive there through a natural search.

Most likely, after having a web page, you have questioned the need to have results in sales through the Internet and you start with advertising campaigns and that is when the Landing Page comes in.

landing page

It is a page within a web page with a striking and compelling design, accompanied by a clear message with a call to action.

  • Its objective is specific, to attract the largest number of leads, that is, to capture contact information of potential customers, people who have expressed their intention to buy your product or service, and convert them into a real sale.
  • When a potential client arrives at a Landing Page, they are interested in what was offered in a campaign and that is where they should take advantage to lead them to the final purchase decision.
  • Its objective is to persuade a user to take a specific action, such as buying a product, become a new subscriberr, to take a course, to attend an event, to schedule a demo or a sales call, among others.
  • In other words, Landing Pages are the sites where customers land after their attention is captured through advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook and other media, just after they click on an ad.
  • The Landing Page can also be reached through the home page of a web page.
  • They have a form where the interested party leaves their contact details, generally just email, but additional information can also be requested that will help you in your strategy.

Perhaps at this point you are thinking that you need only one Web Page or only one Landing Page, or perhaps both, because as you saw they do not quarrel with each other at all, on the contrary they can complement each other. Ask yourself the right questions and you will make the right decisions.

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