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we are one digital marketing agency and SEO positioning in Medellin. We have professional experts in digital growth through organic traffic, Facebook Ads strategies, Google Ads, Sales Funnels and many more. Next we will explain how web positioning can help your company grow and why it is considered one of the most powerful marketing strategies.

Digital marketing strategy that will grow your brand

grow your brand

achieve a positioning on the web, has become a fixed goal for many types of businesses, it is no longer just a topic of interest for webmasters or SEO. Due to the incredible advantages that web positioning brings, interest has been aroused even in small businesses, in order to increase online sales.

Organic positioning is one of the most effective sources of traffic with the potential to bring a large number of potential customers, since they are users who are looking for the particular service, product or word and find a website with a good solution, they tend to contact .

What do we mean when we talk about web positioning?

The web positioning, constitutes a marketing strategy that is determined after researching and studying the factors that influence the position that a website wants to achieve in search engines. For this to happen, a thorough analysis of the target market must be carried out and you must know perfectly who you are going to direct the website to, locate potential customers, improve the offer and how to communicate the offer of products or services, that is, Be clear about what you are going to offer.

Web positioning in Medellin

Medellín was cataloged on March 1, 2013 by Citi Group, the Urban Institute and The Wall Street Journal as the most innovative city worldwide, after winning the Cuty of the Year contest. So imagine now achieving an important web positioning in this technological and innovative city, web positioning in Medellin has become one of the most used digital marketing strategies to increase reach and recognition in an environment that is becoming more and more digital. . The idea of this strategy is to appear in the first positions of the search engines.

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How to achieve a web positioning in Medellin?

It must be clear that web positioning in Medellín can be achieved in two main ways, or rather through two ways, one way to achieve web positioning is through the organic SEO and the other is through the route that has a cost, through the Google Adwords advertising system called via SEM. These marketing strategies are just as important and if they are used together, the result will be incredible.

We break down both strategies:

  • SEO Strategy: also called organic positioning, it is done through the optimization of the website, making the website achieve the necessary conditions to appear in search engines, this strategy is mainly based on the use of keywords or keywords, construction of textual content, generation of content marketing and assignment of source codes to the web page. In this way it is very likely that your brand will begin to reach top positions on the internet and appear more frequently in search engines.
  • SEM Strategy: this type of strategy has a slightly higher cost than the previous one, since it is carried out through search engine payment strategies, such as Google and Yahoo, which will be responsible for increasing visibility and traffic to your website , promoting your brand in search engines, through means such as placing advertisements on the internet.

As mentioned above, the ideal is to make a mixture of both strategies, to obtain better results and achieve the web positioning that your brand needs to grow.

There are multiple digital marketing companies in Colombia, in charge of making your business grow, with highly qualified personnel who are in charge of combining SEO and SEM strategies, generating potential growth for any brand, the strategies used correctly will always give the success you need .

What are you waiting for to grow your business? It is time for you to activate all the strategies to take your company to the top.

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